Horse shared lease Program

An affordable, stress-free alternative to horse ownership.

Many horseless riders are faced with circumstances that prevent them from buying a new mount. Problem not always easily solved. Financial burdens, lack of paddock space, career or family commitments, lack of time to care for a horse – these are some of the many obstacles positioned between rider and horsemanship.

Life as a horseless rider is tough. In fact, it can be downright heartbreaking. Most riders who hang up the stirrups find that this is not a permanent decision. Down the track, at whatever point in their lives, the desire to be around horses returns. Horses are in the blood.

Horseless riders often head out to the local rent a horse business and pay upwards of $45 for an hour’s ride, even if you go again chances are you don’t get the same horse, there is no time for bonding and you don’t know what to expect

How does it work?

You complete the form below (it isn’t there yet LOL) and with these details we can match you up with a suitable horse. We have horses of varying heights, talents and breeds including ponies for families with children. Our horses just love a good brush, or quiet stroll and are the best therapists around! with our round yard being perfect for non-riding training! The atmosphere around the place is cruisy and serene horsemanship starts well before you put your foot in the stirrup. It’s about bonding, grooming, playing and speaking a secret language with another being. The Shared Companion Horse Program is priced at an affordable $35 a week, where you can come ride every day or once a week. You can ride for a full day or just an hour it depends on you. You come on a day or time that suits and ride as long as you like. Each horse has his own bridle, saddle and required tack. The only gear riders will need are riding boots and an approved helmet, several helmets are available to use for the first visit.

Included in the price you can also enjoy our facilities which include 20 x 60 dressage ménage, a 750 mt racing track if you’re interested in harness driving, 20 x 60 jumping ménage and games area where you can navigate your way around obstacles and just enjoy activities suitable for children. Enjoy a peaceful and beautiful trail ride along the creek right up to the river.

Lose a few hours or stay all day whilst you immerse yourself in all things equine; there is no rush and plenty to enjoy, Lovely walks beside the creek to the river, organized trail rides if you prefer a group outing, or just bring your picnic and enjoy the huge shaded areas.

Photos and information on our horses will be coming soon

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