Utilizing Pets To Assist  in Human Therapy

Please let me be good

Animals can feel and even sort of absorb our anxiety, pain, stress, and that is obvious to most people who are accustomed to them. Pets are highly influenced by the lifestyle of their owners: “
…we emit energetic signals related to our deepest feelings that are picked up by those around us – especially our pets.  
The positive effect animals have on humans could simply be explained by the fact that they thus allow people to set their attention on the outside world, forgetting their own troubles and worries
   A  secret shared 
One cannot really tell why animals are willing to help humans in this way, on the emotional level, or how exactly they manage to do it so wonderfully  This is probably one of the mysterious aspects of our earthly life, so maybe we should simply accept animals’ free gift of love and compassion. 
              ”Someday we’ll know”… the key to this mystery.

Together we can make it




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